Waking up statues at the Lyon Fine Arts Museum

It’s not something out of « Night at the Museum »: statues at the Lyon Fine Arts museum really are waking up again. For the Mirage Festival, the institution teamed up with the digital arts company BK to create an interactive 3D mapping projection that makes it look as if the statues were animated. Arnaud […]

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Dive into 3D oceans at the National History Museum

Ever dreamt of seeing sea dinosaurs up close? Probably not, but if you change your mind, it’s now possible. The National History Museum in London is launching First Life, a virtual reality project which allows visitors to explore the bottom of the ocean as it was 500 million years ago. Visitors inside the museum are […]

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The first steps of museums on Periscope

What did you do this morning? I watched the sun rise in Finland, had lunch in Seoul, and wandered for a while in Minneapolis. I would have gone on to a boat somewhere in Iceland, but my phone ran out of battery and Periscope switched off. Periscope is a kind of giant, free, worldwide Skype […]

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ASK, Brooklyn Museum’s new app

The Brooklyn Museum did it again. They’re one of these institutions that surprises you with cool new ideas when you’re least expecting it – and their latest one doesn’t disappoint. Still in the testing phase, « ASK » is an app that aims at changing the way the institution interacts with its audience. So far, […]

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Monet 3.0

Launched in 2010 by the RMN-Grand Palais, the Monet mobile & tablet app has just gotten a facelift. When we wrote about it in 2010, it was already a huge success! Designed to be used before, during, and after the visit, it provided its users with an audioguide as well as additional content about the […]

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Capture d’écran 2015-06-18 à 15.16.22

See the Painting, Hear the Sound

It’s official: 2015’s all about sound. First there was  this year’s IK Prize, and Courbet Augmented, two projects about augmented reality around paintings. Then there was #MuseumSound, a hashtag invented to create a map of museum sounds around the world. There’s even been a project led by a sound archeologist that reconstructed historical periods through sound only and that […]

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Useful resources from #WAM15

From slideshares to articles and videos, quite a few of the speakers mentioned outside resources during their talks. Here’s a list of some useful resources and content to keep on your desk while you wait for next year’s edition. First things first: if you want to go through the talks again , here’s our slideshare with […]

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10 Big Ideas from #WAM15

  3.5K and counting. That’s how many tweets #wam15 generated in the past week. For those following the Twitter feeds or the actual conferences, that was a lot to take in – but we’re here to help! Here are the 10 big ideas that were discussed at WAM this year.   Museums need a moonshot. […]

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Dropping the Internet
Aram Bartholl

Introducing the panel “Museums after the Internet”

This article was written by Thibaut Thomas, curator of the panel “Museums after the internet”. It is the first piece of a series dedicated to the future of museums in a digital world.   On the second day of #WAM15, we will  be hosting the panel “Museums after the Internet“. It might be tempting to […]

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Step into Courbet

What if you could know what the characters in your favorite painting were thinking?  Thanks to an innovative mediation experiment created by the Musée d’Orsay and the Orange Foundation, that’s now possible for The Artist’s Studio. The Artist’s Studio by Gustave Courbet is currently undergoing a major restoration in public following a successful crowdfunding campaign. While […]

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There’s a newcomer in the museum hashtag world! It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s called #museumsound. In just three days, the International Museums Day is taking place. Launched in 1977 by the french school Iscom, Museums Day celebrates museums and their audiences. Institutions host talks, workshops, and many other special events. For us visitors, it’s […]

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