Sharing the past, from History to Emotions

Hall June 1, 2015 15h15 - 15h45

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Ewelina Bajak (PL)
Katarzyna Grabowska (PL)
Ewa Przybylak (PL)

How to talk about the past to make your message clear, reliable and emotion evoking to a wide range of users? How to introduce a multimedia project which generate emotions that appeals to users imagination and engage them in the dialogue.

How to talk about the past to make your message clear, accurate and reliable but at the same time convincing for contemporary recipients? Anyone who is involved with museum historical exhibitions, including the history of XX century wars and totalitarian systems, will have to ask this question.
We also had to face this problem while creating our website We assumed that by linking history with modernity, memorial site with innovative web techniques, the events of 70 years ago will become ingrained not only in modern national awareness but also in an international historical remembrance.

On our session together with the designers we will try to explain how to create emotionally evoking message on the basis of our experience gained from developing the website.
Ewa and Łukasz will guide you through the technological issues of the project, the creation of user experience strategy and coding. Ewelina and Katarzyna will share a great deal of info about constructing engaging narratives which help us to reach our target audience – young people.

Check out our website before the session:
The website has been recognized by world’s best creatives and has been nominated for some of the most influential awards in the industry. in a poignant way transmits the actual exhibition to a virtual reality. International users not only can look through some museum’s resources, such as archive videos and photos but also thanks to an interactive form of presenting the content they can emotionally experience the history of Warsaw which leads up to understanding why every year Warsaw stops dead at 5 pm on 1st August.

Ewelina Bajak has been currently involved in a project of forming a new cultural institution – a branch of the Warsaw Rising Museum – which will be developed in the historical basement of the present Ministry of Justice in Warsaw. More info coming soon 🙂

This talk is part of the “How to engage people” programme

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