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Museum Content Strategy

Hall June 2, 2015 15h30 - 16h00

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Conxa Rodà (ES)

Connecting to audiences is a main thread in museums today. Our role as connectors between the collection / knowledge and the visitors / users is gaining strength, and to achieve that, content is a precious jewel. Museums are content generators by nature.

Lots of content. From many different sources and media, though a diversity of channels and platforms. Do you find it difficult to activate an internal collaborative process to get passive, unmotivated or overworked people on board? Do you even know what content is produced in your organisation and why?
Not to get lost or become uneffective, a content strategy is needed to optimize time and resources and, most of all, to better serve our audiences. Content strategy involves planning and governance of content inside an organisation. We’ll see the big picture and also get down to practicalities such as kickoff meetings, content audits, editorial guides, workflows, the main basic steps to develop an effective content strategy. Best practices of museums will be presented.

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Rodà, Conxa & Tasich, Tijana (2015): Museums Content Strategy workshop

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